5 Great Reasons to “Like” our Facebook page

We realize that we have not been very vocal about our Facebook page up until now, seeing as how we are generally busy out there taking pictures and helping others do the same, but we wanted to let you know why we think it’s something you should check out!

So we decided to give you  5 Great Reasons to “Like” our Facebook page


1. We will be posting some Facebook exclusive deals and specials just for YOU!

2. We will be announcing some random, FREE, Photo Walks where one or more individuals on our team will be at a specific place, for a specific time, ready to take pictures with YOU. We will do these Photo Walks all over the Lower Mainland, B.C., Canada. So keep your eyes peeled because we could be coming to a city near you!

3. We have some awesome images from our workshops, some taken by instructors, and some taken by students themselves, so that you can see what goes on here at Omnilargess. Hopefully you will see how much fun we have and what YOU can accomplish through our classes. 

4. We also post some Before/After images to show the wealth of possibilities that our classes and workshops afford. The results you can achieve really only depend on how far YOU are willing to go.

5. We will keep you updated on the latest news, newest classes, and upcoming events, and best of all – give us a chance to hear from YOU! Give us feedback from our classes, share tips or tricks you have learned, or ideas about what learning opportunities you would like to see in future. So far, we have had classes in Abbotsford, Langley, and Vancouver, but we are very open to other places, like Chilliwack, Mission, or Surrey. If we see enough of a demand in your area, we will come to you. 

If you learn more about our team,  you will find we really value fun, interaction, and the opportunity to see others grow in all areas of photography and editing. We want to help you learn, and we want you to enjoy learning. Facebook is just one more way for us to help you stay connected and to help enhance your learning experience.


“Like” our Facebook page TODAY!

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