Brightening Pictures

Brightening Pictures in Photoshop

Brightening pictures, specially jpg files, can be challenging. For this #ThursdayPhotoshopTip, I show you an effortless tip for brightening photographs in Photoshop.

Generally speaking, Raw format can handle image enhancements better than jpg format. Brightening jpg pictures directly creates lots of highlight clipping and reduces image quality. However, these simple steps allow you to manage the brightness of the image without sacrificing quality. 

Brightening Pictures in Photoshop

Brightening pictures in Photoshop
By using the Layers Blending Mode, you can brighten any images in Photoshop.

Brightening pictures using Layers Blend Mode in Photoshop:

1- Open a picture in Photoshop.

2- Duplicate the image by pressing COMMAND + J in Mac or CONTROL + J in Windows

Duplicating the Layer

Brightening Pictures
Duplicate the background image.

3- Select the top layer

4- Go to Blend Mode and change it from NORMAL to SCREEN.

Selecting the Blend Mode

brightening pictures
By changing the Blend mode to Screen, you add brightness to the image.

5- Adjust the Opacity slider to subtle tweak the effect.

All done. Now you can Flatten the image and save it.

Adjusting the Opacity

brightening pictures
For this photo, I set the Opacity to 75%.

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