Celebrate Victoria Day

Why do we celebrate Victoria Day?

“Celebrate Victoria Day” is a legit question for anyone who is wondering about the reasons why we celebrate Victoria Day in Canada.

Is it just an excuse to celebrate the Summer?

What makes Victoria birthday more significate than other monarchs for us, Canadians?

A few years ago, I had the same question and did a little research online and found the answer. Here is what Canada History website has:

Celebrate Victoria Day

Canada History Website:

“Until 1956, the birthday of the monarch—that’s the king or queen—of Great Britain was also celebrated in Canada, sometimes on his or her own birthday, sometimes around that time and sometimes on Victoria Day.

Well, probably because she was so important in the creation of our country. She was queen when Canada became its own country in 1867, and she was the one who chose Ottawa as our capital. After she died in 1901, the Canadian government declared that May 24 would be a holiday in her honour. (If the 24th fell on a Sunday, the holiday would be May 25.)

In 1957, Victoria Day was named the official birthday in Canada of Queen Elizabeth II. (In Great Britain, her birthday, which is actually April 21, is celebrated in June.) And Victoria Day is officially held on the Monday right before May 25.”

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Office hour for Victoria Day

Our office is closed on Monday, May 20th To Celebrate Victoria Day.  We are back to the office on Tuesday, May, 21st.

Now that you know the reason for Victoria Day go ahead and celebrate it with your family and friends. Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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