Christmas Photography Techniques

Christmas Photography Techniques

This class is small in size but big in content!

Part 1

Bring your camera to this workshop and our instructor will show you the settings and features that you want to use the most during Holiday season photography. All camera makes and models are welcome to this workshop as long as they have some sort of  manual control. There are many different ways of creating the awesome shots. Our instructor will explain the most popular settings according to your camera. It will be almost like a private lesson, because you will learn the settings for YOUR camera!

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: $80.00

Part 2

Have you ever tried to take family photos and couldn’t make them to pose properly for you? Did you visualize an image for your family shots, but didn’t know how to perfect it?

This workshop is for you. Our instructor will walk you through the “composition rules” for portraits and will give you some new ideas of how to set your scene, what items to use to enhance the image, Etc.. You will have time to practice and have hands on as you photograph the instructor and each other. If there are enough people who sign up quickly, we will get a model or two to pose for you! This workshop will open up a new area for you to experiment with your photography skills, even when it is cold and snowing outside!

duration: 4 hours

Cost; $100.00

You can buy the ticket as a package and save $ 30.00

Package cost: $150:00


Don't take the average Christmas snapshot.
Don’t take the average Christmas snapshot.
Take a holiday photo with WOW!
Take a holiday photo with WOW!

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