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 Creating Watermark Action in Photoshop

It is super easy to create a Watermark Action in Photoshop CC

Photo Tip Friday September 19, 2014

I have posted this article back in 2011, and recently after having out Photoshop and Lightroom classes, I receive more requests regarding Watermark action. It seems that photographers are getting more aware about what is going on in social media websites and want to protect their copyrights.

In this short article you learn how to create and apply the water mark in to your images.

We all know the value of using watermarks for images which will be on the internet, or on proofs such as school shots. Several readers asked for an easy way to add watermark to an image. Here I am going to explain an easy way of how to create a watermark action in Photoshop to copyright your images by creating or using an existing logo as a watermark.


1- Open a picture in Photoshop, go to Action Tab and select Create new  Action.

2- Choose a name for the Action, for example: Watermark. For the SET section leave it as Default Actions.atn

3- Click Record.

4- Go to the tool palette and select the Text tool. Choose the Font type and size.

5- Type the © symbol and the text for your watermark.

6- Select the Move tool and place the text on the photograph wherever you like it.

7- You can select a Style from style palette or you can go to the menu bar and select Layer>layer style and create your own style. If you wish to use your own logo, drag and drop it here.

You can adjust the Opacity of the layer here.

8- Stop the action by clicking the Stop button in the Action Tab.


Now you have an Action to watermark your images: open an image, select the Watermark action and the task will be done quickly and easily. You can also batch process an entire project!


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Ted and Omnilargess Team

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