Digital Camera classes for Fraser Valley

Spring Digital Camera seminars for beginners

We are pleased to announce our new series of digital camera workshops for Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland BC. The tickets are selling fast. There are few more seats available for these wonderful and exciting classes. 

These courses are 100% hands on using practical exercises and examples with theory explained in plain, easy to understand English. Students work with their own cameras and a small class size assures optimum 1 on 1 with the instructor. All camera makes and models welcome.

Unleash the Power of your Digital Camera


This is a four hour course which is developed for beginners to understand the terminology, Menu, Functionality such as: Shutter Speed, Aperture Value, ISO, White Balance, Etc.

There are lots hidden function in all digital cameras. In this workshop you will learn where to find them, how they work, and how to control these settings. Please visit our Basic photography page for more information and sign up.

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Digital Camera Exposure and composition

You take two pictures but one is better than the other one! Why we like some photos? What makes good picture?

Just look at all images. You like some images and don’t care for others. Why is that? This 6 hour 2 part digital photography exposure and composition class  helps you to understand the fundamental  rules of digital photography.

Take your expertise to the utmost and shoot confidently like a pro! Adapt to every photographic challenge using the full potential of your camera. Set up and fine tune your camera using every option and function your camera offers!

Please visit our Exposure and Composition Workshop page for more details and sign up.

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And now here is the exciting news! By buying the Bundle ticket for Level 1 and Level 2 you can save $20.00. Buy your bundle ticket, before it is sold out.

Ted and Omnilargess Team.

P.S. Stay tuned for our new upcoming workshops.




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