Digital Camera Frustration

Digital camera frustration

Don’t let the technical complications trap you in a digital camera frustration

Digital cameras are getting easier to use” or so camera manufacturers claim. In reality digital cameras are getting more and more complicated.

Yes, for sure you can set your camera on AUTO mode and let the camera be in charge. But is that the reason you bought your camera?

Are you happy with the camera’s AUTO mode?

When you use AUTO mode, you turn your camera into a point and shoot device and the only thing missing is pressing the button. But since the camera does not have a brain, you will be encountering a dilemma; the picture may not be as you visualized it.

You try to compose your shot the way you imagine your photo should look like, you wait for the right moment to come, you click the shutter button, and camera takes a photo. The picture is not the way you envisioned, and you experience Digital Camera Frustration!

Digital Camera frustration is real!

Digital camer frustration

Don’t let the digital camera frustration happen to you!

Generally speaking, a digital camera is a computer. Camera manufacturers add information of thousands of images to the cameras’ processor. When camera sees a scene, it compares the scene with the given data and selects the settings accordingly.

Depending on how close your scene is to the compared data, you may or may not get a good image. This is the cause of digital camera frustration.

Digital Camera Auto Exposure setting

Digital Camera Frustration
In this photo the dark background fooled the Auto Exposure mode, and caused an overexposed picture.

Digital Camera Spot Metering Mode

digital camera frustration
Just by setting the camera metering mode to SPOT METERING. you can have your envisioned image!

How to avoid digital camera frustration

Education. Just by learning how a digital camera works, you can control the settings and create the photo that you have imagined.

At Omnilargess Photography Classes we have developed many fun and easy to follow workshops for you. Just go to Testimonial Page and see by yourself how our previous students described their experiences. 

Omnilargess photography classes

Omnilargess Digital camera Classes
Omnilargess Digital camera Classes

Do you want to improve your photography techniques?

Omnilargess Photography Classes offer digital photography and editing workshops for all levels, from beginners to advanced. You may have read your camera’s long instructional manual but still do not feel comfortable using your device to its potential. Good news is that you are not alone!

Join us and take your photography to the next level by understanding the fundamentals of photography. Or if you prefer one on one instruction, contact us for private lessons.

Educate yourself and be a happy shooter!

digital camera class
Avoid digital camera frustration by learning your camera setting.

Omnilargess Photography Classes

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