Digital Camera workshop for beginners Fraser Valley

Digital Camera workshop For Beginners

Digital Camera workshop for beginners is one of our most popular photography classes. Digital camera is a computer, so it needs an operator. Like all electronic devices you should learn the language of your camera. No matter if you use an DSLR, Mirror-less camera, or advanced point and shoot camera, the language is the same.

Come and join us for Digital Camera Workshop for beginners on Sunday March 17 from 11AM to 3PM and unleash the power of your camera. Almost all digital cameras are capable of creating wonderful images, if you know how to control the settings. By itself digital camera sets the setting for an average image, by a little tweaking you can capture the awesome picture!

Did you know that the built in Light-meter in a digital camera can be as accurate as an handheld one?

Do you know why the display on your camera started blinking? Do you know what your camera tries to tell you by blinking?

Level 1
Digital cameras have lots of settings. Learn them

In this four hour class you will learn how to communicate with your camera and get the best possible image in any situation.

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