Digital Camera workshops for September

Digital Camera Workshops for September

Summer is almost over but the memories will last longer if you capture the moments. Digital cameras are great tools and there are lots of things that we should know about digital photography. All digital cameras have the Auto mode, which can make an OK image but not a great photo that you want to show case it! This is one the reasons that all Digital SLR, Mirror less cameras, and many advanced point and shoot cameras come with different settings to over ride the Auto settings.

Understanding the settings such as Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, White Balance, Metering Mode, Histogram, ….., will help you to create better images, the pictures that you proudly will display and share with your friends. Here is a sample of controls that you have in your digital camera to control the exposure:

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In this photo I just set the exposure to Manual, Used Spot Metering, and for composition I used Framing to add more depth to the picture.

Do you want to learn more? Sign up for one of our popular Digital Photography Classes.

We are pleased to announce that our new photography and Photoshop classes are scheduled for September. If you haven’t signed up for the workshops that you are interested in, it is the time! Here is the list of the workshops. We hope that you find the class that you want. If you have any suggestions for new topics or workshops, feel free to contact us.


1-Basic Camera Settings for beginners:

This is an entry level digital camera workshop on September 6. You can find more information here


2-Exposure and Composition (Intermediate):

Learn more about setting the exposure by using different metering mode, and how to compose an image more dynamic. This workshop is scheduled for September 13 and 20. You can find more information Here.


And $15 savings when you buy a ticket for both courses here Bundle Savings!


3-Advanced Digital Camera Exposure and HDR Techniques:

It is an advanced workshop to understand Light meter techniques, Zone System, and how to capture an image in difficult light condition. It’s on September 27. Please check our website for more info.


4-Photoshop Techniques:

A full series of Photo editing classes from beginners to intermediates. Please check the Photoshop page for dates and information.

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Ted and Omnilargess Team


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