Digital Media Strategy for Photographers

Digital Media Strategy for Photographers

You know that you should have an online presence, but where? You know that you need to be promoting yourself online, but how? Have you built a website, started a blog, created a Facebook page, and set up a Twitter account . . . then neglected them? You’re not alone.


Many of us are afraid that we are going to do the wrong thing online, and turn off potential clients. Or, we sit down at the computer, knowing we should post something, somewhere on social media, but draw a blank. Perhaps you are regularly posting, but no one seems to reading your posts or interacting with you. We can help.


Effective digital media strategy uses highly focussed messaging at every online touch point with the goal of creating a memorable, emotional connection between your target client and your brand. While this might seem complex and overwhelming, it is something you can do.


Think about a competitor who always seems to spark conversation on Facebook, a photographer in your area who always comes up first in a Google search, or even the vast number of mom bloggers who attract thousands of visitors to their sites each month. Want to know a secret? They don’t have a giant marketing team behind them. They’ve simply learned a few foundational digital media strategies and are leveraging these strategies to grow their client base. You can do this too.


As a professional photographer, you need a customized digital media plan that respects your comfort level online and the limited time you have available for marketing, yet still reaches and engages your ideal client. Join us in our Shooting for Success Bootcamp to gain a better understanding of the digital marketplace and develop a strategy to connect with your target clients in highly effective ways.

Tamara and the Omnilargess Team

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