Don’t miss next week’s classes!

We had such a great time at our Night Scene Class last week, so make sure you don’t miss next week’s classes!

Tons of fun with slow shutters and disappearing people!

We have three upcoming classes next week:

Lightroom 102

The second class in Jonathan’s awesome Lightroom series. So many great reviews from his first class, this one is a must!

Compact Digital Camera Workshop

A class for anyone who has a camera and has no idea where to start. Finally something for those who do not have DSLR’s or interchangeable lens cameras. Even if you only have the camera on your data phone, you can learn a few great tips to controlling your image.

Mom’s 101 (digital photography 101 for women)

This one is for the beginner who wants to learn some of the settings that will get you out of automatic mode. It builds the foundation for the Mom’s 102 class a couple weeks away, and is designed with women in mind in recognition of Mother’s Day. You do not have to be a mom to participate.

Be sure to check out our Facebook Group for a few more images from our Night Scene Photography class. It was such a blast!

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