Exposure in Flash Photography

Does shutter speed change Exposure in Flash Photography?

Flash and Strobe photography is different from constant light photography. The duration of light in strobe is around 1/1000 to 1/8000 of second! What does it mean in real life photography? It means that as long as you stay within synch speed of your camera, you won’t see any changes in your exposure.

This is one of the best features in flash photography. By using the right technique you can use the ambient light as your main light and flash as your fill or you can make the ambient light disappeared and just use the flash as your main light.

In Indoor Flash Photography Techniques on Nikon CLS Flash Photography, I will explain how to use this technique to get some amazing effects in your images.

Here is an example of how you can control the ambient light by using the flash.

The first image is camera’s default setting

Normal TTL Flash

As you can see the camera did a good job, but it is just a flash image!

Now I adjusted the shutter speed to capture more ambient light and used my flash as fill;

Slower Shutter speed

This image looks more natural and does not show any light from the flash.

Fast Shutter Speed

Now I wanted to completely ignore the ambient light and make the flash as my main light source. All I did was changing the setting of my flash and shutter speed.

You can see how the outside light through the windows just disappeared and it looked like it was night time!

And you can do any adjustments in between.

Slow Shutter Synch

This is a very useful technique. Give it a try you will enjoy it!

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Happy flash photography.

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