Flash Photography

Flash Photography workshop Vancouver

Flash Photography workshop 

Vancouver! We have some great classes coming your way! September 22nd is our Flash Photography techniques class. This is suitable for intermediate to advanced users who want to get the most of their external flash and learn how to set up a small studio.

“ Flash photography can be very creative, if you know how to use the power of your flash or strobe.” This is usually my opening sentence for Flash Photography and studio lighting workshops. And it is true! Most of us do not want to take any pictures during the winter time! Why is that? Is it because it is cold and wet? No, it is because there is not enough day light! Now imagine that you can have daylight under your control; not only can you make use of it at any given time, but you can also decide just much daylight that you need! Is this not something that all photographers wish for?

OFF CAMERA flash photography technique
 What is SLOW SHUTTER Sync?

Slow Shutter Sync is one of the most artistic techniques in Flash photography. You slow down your shutter speed to capture the motion blur and use the flash to freeze the subject. It is very easy to apply when you learn the technique. Here is a sample:

Slow Shutter synch to create Motion blur

Come and join us for this 4 hour Flash photography workshop, on September 22 in Vancouver, to learn more about strobes and flash photography:

Flash photography & Studio Lighting

Do you hate using your flash?

Come to our Flash photography workshop and learn skills and tips on how to use your flash to improve your images, control ambient light, create special effects, change the direction of the light, and much more.

This workshop is primarily intended for intermediate to advanced photographers using digital SLR/Mirror-less cameras, with  an external flash. Each participant is expected to bring a digital camera, fully charged battery/batteries, external flash/flashes, and memory card(s)

These are some of the topics that will be discussed:

TTL Flash Vs Non TTL flash

White balance and flash photography

Shutter speed and sync speed

Slow shutter Sync (first and second)

High-speed shutter synch

Hyper-speed shutter synch

Color gels


Soft boxes

Instructor: Ted Samzadeh

Class sizes are kept small for more one-on-one interaction.

*BONUS* Light plans for portraits: At the end of the seminar, you will receive several different light plan suggestions with a full explanation of how each one is different from the others.  This will assist in the placement of your lights and modifiers for your specific lighting needs.

Samples of light plans


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