Flash Photography

Why Flash Photography is different?

Yes, in fact Flash photography is very different from constant light photography. Does it mean that you should not try Flash photography? Absolutely not! You should enjoy your photography and when you add Flash photography techniques you will discover more fun and creativity.

I know that there are lots of terminologies in flash photography, that some of the techniques are not easy to understand, that so many photographers think that flash ruins their photos, and so many other obstacles. That is why we have a Flash photography class on November 28 for classroom session and on November 29 for hands on and practical flash techniques where you will learn Flash Photography is not that difficult and how to love your flash and understand it’s language!

Flash High speed Synch
Flash High speed Synch

As a photographer I always search for more ideas and techniques, I found the following article in the internet which provides basics about what we are going to teach in our November workshop.

Tangents has lots of articles in photography but I found this article about FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS very useful. Please feel free to check this article and contact us if you have any question.

Ted and Omnilargess Team



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