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Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop private Classes

We introduced private photography and Photoshop classes in April 2013; these private classes have become very popular with new inquires for private lessons coming everyday.

Photography, in general, is a vast industry consisting of equipment knowledge, technical skills and artistic aspects. These are applied in many different specialty areas such as wedding, portrait, architectural, landscape, etc. The specialized nature of private lessons is one of the many benefits.

Histogram helps you tweaking the Exposure

What are these benefits?

One of our instructors will evaluate your needs and customize the course materials according to what you need to know. So you invest your time to learn the most relevant skills to achieve your goals faster. Much of what is offered in photography education is in broad terms and often for generic use. Private lessons ensure you are learning only what you specifically need, not revisiting what you already know. You will learn technical aspects about your own camera brand, flash, editing software and subject area.

Agassiz Photo Club workshop
Trying different techniques for Landscape photography


When you evaluate my skills and develop some private lessons for me, do I have to take them all?

This is our recommendation but it is all about you and how you want to invest your time.


Do you provide private lessons outside your office?

Some of our private lessons need to be outdoors. So we offer indoor and outdoor class time. If you want an instructor come to your home, a traveling charge will be added to your tuition fee. We prefer to have indoor classes in our office as we have access to any equipment that may be needed.


I want to learn Lightroom or Photoshop Elements and I only have a desktop. Do I need to buy a laptop to learn image editing?

This is another benefit of private classes! If you want to join our public Lightroom or Photoshop classes, you will need to have a laptop. But with the private Lightroom and Photoshop classes the instructor can come to you and you learn on your own desktop.


I plan to buy a new camera/flash/lens/accessories. Can you help with the right decision?

We offer this service free to our previous students (private or public class attendees).

If it is your first time with us there is a $25 consultation fee and one of our expert instructors will guide you through pros and cons of your purchase.


What if – after an equipment consultation – I decide to register for a class?

You can use the equipment consultation fee towards any of our classes (private or public) for up to three months. More good savings for your photography budget!

Omnilargess Digital Photography Classes
Digital Photography Bootcamp is an 8 week program

Check Upcoming Classes for more information about our public classes.


Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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