Full Moon Photography

Full Moon Photography

1. First of all, you will want to have your camera mounted on a tripod. This will help to ensure that you get an image without blur, no matter what settings you use. It will also help with the next two tips.

2. Choose a long lens (at least a 200mm telephoto). If you use a lens that is too wide, the moon will look very small in your frame, and will not appear as huge as you may like. This is why photos from your phone may make the moon look like a tiny little lightbulb.

3. Use a low ISO so as to avoid digital noise. If you plan on manipulating your photo with photo software of any kind, you will find a lower ISO to be invaluable in helping to give you the latitude you might need.

4. Remember that the moon is actually a very BRIGHT thing. This means, in contrast to other night time photography, you will want to be choosing a HIGHER shutter speed, and possibly a HIGHER aperture setting as well.

5. Because of  the stark contrast between light and dark, it is difficult to get a shot that will include a dark enough moon with a light enough scene. You can choose to get creative with lighting things in the foreground, or  choose some interesting object to silhouette. To battle this contrast, you may also want to try your hand at HDR or blending parts of images together. Take several photos which are each exposed for separate elements of your scene, and then blend the photos together later, using software on your computer.

6. Give some context to your photo by including elements in the foreground or the scene which put the size of the moon into perspective. Also adding these elements can add interest and mood to an otherwise bland image of a big circle of light.


So, with that said, get out there and have some fun this weekend!

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