How important “Layers” are in Photoshop editing

Why everyone says that “Layers” is the most important

feature in Photoshop Elements or CS?

Editing photos does not have a quick 3 click recipe. Every photo is different, and there are lots of fine tweaks you should apply to make a picture outstanding.

Here is a short tutorial about how important “Layers” are, in Photoshop.

1- I opened this photo in Photoshop elements and noticed that it has a yellow colour cast.


2- Then I removed the colour cast by using the “Remove Color cast” tool


3- The result is too blue for what I wanted. By turning the layer On and Off, I can compare the result

screen-shot-2013-02-15-at-4-10-41-pm   screen-shot-2013-02-15-at-4-10-30-pm

4- I started to adjust the Opacity of the top layer to my liking


5- Here is the comparison



Auto correct

Auto correct



This is just a simple example of the “Power of Layers in Photoshop”.

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Ted and Omnilargess workshop Team


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