Indoor Flash Photography workshop

Indoor Flash Photography Workshop Fraser Valley

An indoor Flash Photography session is just what you need to make your pictures look great, for memories to come.

All it takes is 4 hours of your time to learn the basic and intermediate skills to indoor flash photography, like the fundamentals of flash techniques.

You can also learn more important things about flash photography! Such as controlling your exposure with flash and white balance in flash photography. More to learn about during this class is how to use light modifiers for indoor flash photography such as Softboxes, Bouncers, Diffusers, Etc.

Flash Photography if FUN!
Flash Photography if FUN!

You’ll learn to use high speed flash synch as well as the slow shutter flash synch. You learn how to use the ambient light and flash, the shutter speed and flash exposure, and aperture control in flash photography.

Just keep in mind this is for beginner and intermediate photographers so if you would like to learn, come and join our amazing powerful class in this 4 hour workshop.

Finally you’ll learn in this workshop is how to use the special effects in flash photography.

All of that in just a four hour workshop is definitely worth it to join and learn how to take better indoor pictures.

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Omnilargess Workshop Team

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