Indoor TTL Flash Photography techniques

Indoor TTL Flash Photography

Indoor TTL Flash Photography Techniques workshop

Flash Photography can be more fun when you learn the techniques!

Our Indoor TTL Flash Photography workshop is scheduled for October 29 and 31. 

“I don’t like the effect of flash in my photos. I prefer natural light over flash photography!”

This is a very common response whenever I ask: “Why didn’t you use a flash?”

I also don’t like the harshness of direct flash in photos because shadows are often very deep with areas of hot spots and overall the image looks untrue. This sample photo demonstrates how harsh the shadows and highlights can appear:

Direct on camera flash
Direct on camera flash


By understanding the nature of flash or strobe you can easily use this effect to your advantage. Below is a photo where I used the flash off-camera. Notice how I managed to create shadows which enhance my subject:

Off-Camera flash photography
Off-Camera flash photography


In this picture I mounted the flash on the camera again, but this time I used a soft box to create a larger light source for a softer light that wraps around the subject:


On-camera flash photography plus using a soft box
On-camera flash photography plus using a soft box

I adjusted my exposures to use or to ignore the ambient light and you see how this changed the overall look of the image


Flash photography techniques can be fun when you start to understand the best ways to use flash as your main light or fill light. In our Indoor TTL flash photography techniques workshop you will learn how to use a flash to capture better photos. There are countless flash photography techniques and we will cover the most popular and effective techniques.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team



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