Do you know flash photography techniques

Do you know the fundamental techniques in flash photography?

Flash Photography workshop ~ Lower Mainland

Indoor Flash Photography Workshop.

Just in time for your Winter photography.

Do you hate using flash for taking photos?

Flash Photography is totally different from constant light photography, that is why many new photographers treat the flash photography as constant light photography. That is why they hate the look of the flash in their photos!

Do you know that you can control the output of your camera flash to blend the ambient and flash light very precisely?

Learn how to set up a studio by using your flash in Flash Photography Workshop
Learn how to set up a studio by using your flash in Flash Photography Workshop

“Flash photography can be very creative, when you know how to use the power of your flash or strobe.”

This is usually my opening sentence for Flash Photography workshops.

Most of us don’t take many pictures during winter time. Why is that? Is it because it is cold and wet? Yes that’s partially true. But usually it is because there is not enough daylight. Now imagine you can have daylight under your control not only to use at any given time but also are able to control the amount of light that you need.

We’re excited to offer a comprehensive solution to shooting in the shorter daylight winter season.

Small Group photography workshop, Flash photography
Small Group photography workshop, Indoor Flash photography workshop

Flash photography workshop

How to set up a studio in your home by using your flash unit?

During this two part (5 hours total) workshop you will learn skills for using flash to make better pictures, overcome ambient light, create special effects, off camera flash techniques and more. Flash Photography workshop is for beginners to advanced photographers using digital SLR/Mirror-less cameras with external flash. Participants are required to bring a digital camera, fully charged battery/batteries, external flash/flashes, and memory card(s).

Part one is a classroom session and starts on Friday November 28 at 7:00 to 9:00 pm and covers:

1: Flash fundamentals techniques

2: Controlling exposure with flash

3: White Balance and Flash Photography

4: Shutter speed and Flash exposure

5: Aperture control in Flash Photography

Part two is the practical and hands on session which starts on Saturday November 29 at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and covers

Hands on setting camera and flash for different indoor flash photography. There will be loads of practical assignments on:

1: Special Effects in Flash Photography

2: Ambient light and Flash

3: High Speed Flash Synch

4: Slow Shutter Flash Synch

5: Accessories for better Flash Photography

6: Light modifiers for Flash photography (Softbox, Grid, Bouncer, etc.)

And more!

We are going to set up several stations equipped with different light modifiers (soft box, umbrella, beauty dish, etc.) You will experiment with all of them and will learn how they can change your lighting effects.

Class sizes are kept small for these popular courses.


These are some of the topics that will be discussed:

TTL Flash Vs Non TTL flashes

White balance and flash photography

Shutter speed and synch speed

Slow shutter Synch (first and second)

High speed shutter synch and Hyper speed shutter synch

Color gels


Soft boxes

Light plans for portraits;

At the end of the seminar you will receive several different light suggestions with full explanation of how each one is different from the others FREE!


Samples of light plans



This is a 2 part workshop which covers the most popular and useful techniques for indoor flash photography.

Are you looking to be more creative with indoor flash photography and lighting techniques?

Did you know that flash photography can be so much fun when you understand how to use different settings in your camera and flash?

Come and join us for our very popular Indoor Flash Photography workshop and take your indoor photos to an exciting new level!

This Indoor Flash Photography workshop is for beginner to intermediate photographers with a DSLR, mirror less cameras, and any point shoot camera with a hot shoe for external flash.

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