Last quick tip

One last quick tip from Shawn before the big class tonight!

Introduction to Sports Photography Tip #2

Ok guys and girls, today is our Sports Photography Workshop. With all this beautiful sunshine going on out there this Fall, I know you’re out there shooting your kids doing all kinds of fun stuff.

Here is another quick tip when shooting sports or sports portraits: when shooting, think about your perspective. We see everything all day, every day, at eye level; so, seeing images shot at eye level are OK, but nothing special – no matter how good they might be. This because we are so accustomed to seeing things this way, that it doesn’t wow us. Changing your perspective will give the viewer something different than the norm. One example is to get low when shooting. It will give your subject that larger than life look and that feeling of power. Don`t take my word for it; watch a basketball game or football game and pay attention to the photographers. They are either  kneeling or sitting most of the time.

Below are a couple examples of what I mean. My son was nice enough to help me out on this beautiful but chilly morning here in October.

Eye level shot
Eye level shot

1/1250  f2.8  iso 400@ 39mm

The above image was taken at eye level. Nothing wrong with the image, and there is even kind of a cool play going on with the shadow on the rock, but bedsides that – it is just an ok image. A snapshot.

The image below is shot with the exact same settings and location but this time I was lying on my belly. Now in this image, he looks bigger, and it gives the feel that he is actually jumping higher than he really is. (And yes he felt the need to stick his tongue out and be a goof)

Low level shot
Low level shot
So, as you can see, it is the same image, same location, and same settings, but two very different feels to the images. Which one do you prefer? Photography is very subjective, as is any art form, but by changing up your perspective from time to time, you will give your images a different look and feel. This way, you can begin to take your sport photography from average to amazing! Who knew?

Have a great day, and hope to see you all tonight!

Shawn Hamilton

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