Layers and Masks in Photoshop

All About the Layers

A Workshop on Layers and Masks in Photoshop

Photoshop has many powerful tools for photographers. Layers and Mask are effective and important features in Photoshop because they allow you to retouch your digital images non-destructively. Mastering Layers and Masking will change your Photoshop workflow!

Non destructive editing and why it’s important 

Delve deeper into the editing world by exploring the power of layer masks. Understanding these masks will enable you to cut down a little on your editing time, to customize or target each editing adjustment within your photo, and to be able to correct these adjustments easily. You can also add that extra punch to your images by learning how to optimize your exposure.

When you apply any sort of adjustments or retouching directly to the photo, you change the pixels permanently, and if you save these changes to your photos, you can not restore them back to original photos. It sounds good, but what if your client or you yourself decided that the original photos were better, or the adjustment is too much?

For instance let say that you edited an image to change it to Black and White and saved it. After printing the photo, you realized that the colour version was nicer and you want to print the photo in colour. What should you do? How can you revert the photo to original? Now I have your attention!

By using Layers and Masks in Photoshop you can localize the adjustments in Photoshop format
By using Layers and Masks in Photoshop you can localize the adjustments in Photoshop format

What is a Layer in Photoshop?

Generally speaking, a layer is a virtual transparent sheet that you apply on top of your original photo and apply the adjustments or retouching to this transparent sheet, not the original photo. At any time you can discard it, modify it, without ruining the original photo!

What is Masking in Photoshop? 

By using Masking in combination with Layers you can tell Photoshop where and how to apply the adjustments. In fact Masking gives you the controls you need over the layers.

Layers and Masks in Photoshop help us editing photos nondestructively
Layers and Masks in Photoshop help us editing photos nondestructively

Is this class suitable for Photoshop Elements users?

Layers and Mask are available in Photoshop CC and Elements. So whether you use Photoshop CC or Photoshop Elements, this workshop will enhance your understanding for a better editing experience.

I just started using Photoshop and do not have lots of experience. Is this workshop helpful for me? 

Regardless if you are new to Photoshop world, it is always a good idea to start learning the right workflow. Although Layers and Mask sound very technical (which they are indeed), it is very easy to learn these powerful tools and improve your editing techniques.


Must have basic computer skills, either Mac or PC. Students are required to bring their own laptops already installed with Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. (Trial versions of Photoshop are available for download for PC and Mac from the internet. Check system requirements first).

Course is perfect for beginners to intermediates: 

This fun Photoshop class has been designed for those wanting a professional yet simple digital imaging workflow process to improve post processing of their photos.

Workshop Details:

This is a two part workshop.

Part 1 April 16, 2015 from 7-9pm

In this class you will learn about Layers, different types of Layers, Merging, Grouping, modifying Layers, and some creative uses of Layers.

Part 2 April 17, 2015 from 7-9pm

This workshop is about Masking, how it works, how to Refine a Mask, uses of Shapes and Brushes in Mask, and more….


Omnilargess Services Office:

209B-32900 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford (Clearbrook), BC V2S 5A1

Registration Fee:

$140.00 plus GST per person. Class size is limited to 8 persons.

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