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Why is Winter the best time to learn Lightroom?

I often hear that the winter season is not a good time for photography. Although it is true the days are short with not much to take pictures of, there are plenty of other photography projects we can do. For example you can learn Lightroom this winter, stay busy with your photography hobby and focused on expanding your photography techniques.

Why do you need to edit digital photos?

As you already know, digital photography has two major parts: taking photos and then making your images ready for presentation, whether for prints or sharing on line.

I always consider my year as divided into two main parts with my photography projects. During Spring, Summer, and Autumn I am quite busy taking pictures with not enough time to edit all of them. So I actually appreciate Winter because it gives me time to edit and finalize all of my photography projects.

A comprehensive workshop to Learn Lightroom

I have scheduled the next Learn Lightroom Workshop for Winter 2017 and it is called Lightroom Photography Workflow. Please  CLICK HERE for details..

Learn Lightroom and expand your photography knowledge!

While editing my photos I am able to recognize areas for improvement within my pictures and learn how to avoid them. The long dark Winter nights are a perfect opportunity to review and edit your pictures from Spring, Summer and Autumn, while keeping your connection to the wonderful world of photography.

What is my Lightroom workflow?

I take pictures all year long, load and organize them in Lightroom and edit a few of my favourites for different uses. My main editing process and fine tweaking starts in late Autumn and continues through the Winter months. This allows me to be ready for the new shooting seasons.

Lightroom helps you stay in shape in photography world!

Being active is very important in almost all of our activities such as sport and exercise. If you don’t exercise for a while, your muscles get weaker and you lose your flexibility. The same is true with photography. If you don’t exercise your photography techniques, you can lose the connection and then getting back into photography shape takes longer. By using those long Winter nights for editing photos in Lightroom, you keep your photography skills in great shape and are always ready to perform creatively when the time comes!

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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Learn Lightroom Workflow

Lesrn Lightroom Workflow in this 4 part workshop.

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