Lifestyle Photography 2 Urban Youth Edition

Lifestyle Photography 2: Urban Youth Edition

With the great success of our first Lifestyle photography workshop, we couldn’t wait to offer our second one. So the wait is over! If you missed the first one, now is your chance to jump in on the action! Come join Ted, Tamara, and Anita for an urban adventure! This time, our focus will be on photographing youth in a creative and edgy way. You will need your cameras and your flashes for this one (even on-board flashes will do). If you simply want to explore a new type of photography or get a different perspective to push your skills to a new level, this class is for you!

Photographing your family and a few friends is one thing, but what do you do when you are asked to take pictures of a teen or a young adult who doesn’t know you? Many of us, no matter what age we are, freeze up at the thought. Will our pictures be cool enough? Edgy enough? Creative enough? If this sounds like you, consider taking this new Lifestyle Photography class.

Anita Chapman, from Perfect Moments Photography, will take you through the daunting world of communicating and interacting with the young adult. She will help you create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you can focus on being creative and bringing out the true personality and uniqueness of your subject!

Tamara Okoti, from Beyond Exposure Photography, will help you with your lighting techniques and some composition tips. Sometimes, when the right light does not present itself, we need to help create it. Come learn as she guides you through the process of lighting your pose.

Finally Ted, from Omnilargess Services, will help you get a hold of your camera settings and also a little of your flash, in order to ensure that your shot turns out a head above the rest.

With 3 great instructors and a host of great tips and tricks, this Photography workshop is sure to be a hit. Come prepared with working cameras, memory cards, and CHARGED batteries. Other items that may enhance your experience would be tripods/monopods, external flashes, wireless triggers, grey cards, flash diffusers, light discs (reflectors). Be sure to eat before you arrive, as we will only have a short half hour break for coffee. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up quick!

Registration will be open to public on July 15th. Register early to book your spot!

Ted and Omnilargess Team

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