Lifestyle Photography : Fall Colour Edition

Lifestyle Photography is the current craze. Photographs that look like unscripted moments “caught on camera” as though they happened by accident. If you want your pictures to move from the ‘snapshot’ look into professional looking images, you will want to be at this workshop. Past Lifestyle Photography workshops have been a HUGE success, and we have heard a ton of positive feedback from our students; which is why we are bringing it to you once again! Three instructors, everyday models, and tons of tips and ideas to help you succeed. Whether you are having trouble coming up with posing ideas for shoots, finding a great location, lighting, or even just interacting with your subjects, we have solutions for you!

In keeping with the fall atmosphere, we have chosen a “Fall Colour” theme. We will be photographing families and couples at the time of year when family photos are so much in demand for holiday greeting cards and lasting memories. Come learn how to draw that casual look out of a stiff subject, and how to pull a great, natural smile out of a child. Perfect the colour in your images, and find the perfect light to enhance the areas of your subject that you want the viewer to focus on, while hiding the areas that you need to minimize. Get some basic posing and composition advice that will help infuse the WOW factor into your images. Even though Lifestyle photography appears to be candid, it is very much posed. Come see active posing in action, so that you can create the professional portraits that will set you apart from the average camera owner. Find out the lenses that will help you get the job done, and the settings that will allow you to harness the full potential of those lenses and of your camera itself. Finally, get some ideas of accessories that will help you manipulate the light and your surroundings to take your photography to the next level.

 Check out our galleries to see images from our past Lifestyle Photography workshops.

Even if you have taken one of our Lifestyle Photography workshops in the past, you may want to take another, as the locations, models and lighting may pose different challenges than before. Test out your skills from previous workshops, and learn some new ones. We would love to see how you have grown in your craft, and help you move forward even more!

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