Lifestyle Photography Here Again!!!

Once again we are pleased to announce our upcoming Lifestyle Photography workshop – Fall Colour Edition. Ted, Tamara, and Anita will be at it again – helping you get a handle on capturing those great moments on camera. This time we’ll be mixing it up with families and individuals, and perhaps even a pet to get those shutters clicking. You will be challenged by metering complexities with models from varying ethnicities, and hopefully some lighting challenges as well, as you enjoy the richness of colours that the outdoors has to offer at this time of year.

Join us as we romp through the fallen leaves and guide you through photographing people in their natural surroundings with a relaxed and free-looking style. No more firing squad posing! Let Anita Chapman, of Perfect Moments Photography, help open your mind with creative, active posing and framing ideas. Then, Tamara, from Beyond Exposure Photography, will make sure your pose is well lit, and composed with style. Attention to detail is the key! All the while, Ted will be there to assist with technical questions and camera specific challenges.

Lifestyle Photography is about moving beyond the snapshot and creating the WOW shot while maintaining a casual and relaxed atmosphere. It is what some refer to as “photo journalistic”: where the photo appears to be capturing a private moment amidst chaos, or the look between people as they interact. As much as this style of photography seems to make the photographer a fly on the wall, it actually requires us to do a lot of guiding, posing, and interacting with our subjects. Come out to learn why and how!

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Registration is limited, and this is one of our most popular classes, so be sure you book your ticket well in advance. This is a class you do not want to miss!

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Tamara and Omnilargess Team

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