Lifestyle Photography time again

 It is Lifestyle Photography time again! Back by popular demand, our 3 instructor workshop is here and registration is still open for a few short days.

Join our team on Sunday, July 7th, as we help you learn how to pose and light your subject, as well as how to interact with your clients. The heart of lifestyle photography is in the candid look of your photos as well as in the atmosphere you create. The idea is to capture regular people doing regular things, and especially interacting with each other. This does not mean follow your subject around snapping random pictures of whatever they happen to be doing. Much of “lifestyle” photography is posed in a way that makes it look natural. Since the average person is not a model, we have to take a much more hands-on approach when directing and posing them so as to achieve the result we are after. For this workshop we will have actual families for you to photograph, not models, so that you can get real world experience.

  • Learn all about interacting with people, from local photographer Anita Chapman – Perfect Moments Photography. Let her give you some tips and tricks she uses when photographing families. Learn how to deal with men who don’t want to be there, kids who won’t sit still, and clients whose ideas do not provide the ideal photo for you. Families are what Anita does best, so come join her for some posing fun as she helps you figure out the best angle for your shot .
  • Tamara Okoti – Beyond Exposure Photography, will be there to help with composing your photo and will make sure you get your exposure bang on! Since she loves the technical and compositional aspects of a photo, she will help you to see things from a different perspective, and possibly challenge you to think outside the box. Tamara will aim to help you choose the ideal location for your photo, or to work within  the confines of the location you are given.
  • Ted will also be there answering questions and helping with technical challenges as well. He will give you some ideas for lighting your subjects so that you can make them stand out no matter what the day looks like!

Here are some photos from students and instructors in one of our past lifestyle workshops. Don’t miss out on the fun!

This workshop will run rain or shine. Photographers need to work around the weather that is available, so we will give you ideas on how to work in any weather. Bring along your camera with empty cards and batteries charged. Reflectors, ND filters, lens hoods, external flashes, and even tripods may enhance your experience. Registration is limited and filling up quickly, so be sure to secure your spot now – there are only a few days left!

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