Lightroom Catalogue Tutorial

Lightroom Catalogue Tutorial

Photo Tip Friday December 27, 2013

One of the most powerful features in Lightroom is Centre Catalogue Base program. It means that Lightroom creates a catalogue for your images and the original images can be stored in different locations, even in Cloud. The catalogue system in Lightroom is smart and can remember the location of your photos. So each time you edit pictures in Lightroom, it will write the data into the Catalogue, not the original photo, which is why this is called non-destructive software.

In Lightroom you can work with multiple Catalogues: as an example I have several different catalogues such as “Personal”, “Business”, “Training”, “Advanced”, etc.


Lightroom Catalogue gives you the option on working on multiple projects.
Lightroom Catalogue gives you the option on working on multiple projects.

One question I get asked is: Do I need several catalogues?

One of my tips to my students is to not create too many catalogues as it can cause confusion, although I do suggest a new catalogue for each year (especially if you shoot lots of images every year) and to name the catalogues accordingly.

Using catalogues, keywords, flags, and rating your pictures (all organizational features of the software) make a huge difference in your workflow as well as making it easier to find the images you search for.

Do you want to learn more about these powerful tools in Lightroom? Register for our 3 day Lightroom Bootcamp where you will learn how to create and switch between catalogues.

On behalf of Omnilargess I want to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year – we look forward to seeing you in our new classes in a brand new year.


Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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