Lightroom Classic Virtual Copy, a Mighty Tool

New Lightroom Classic packs with many powerful tools that enable photographers to organize, edit and produce fabulous pictures. Lightroom Classic Virtual Copy is one of these incredible features.  

What is Lightroom Classic Virtual Copy?

There are times that you wish to compare or show different versions of an image to make the final decision. For instance, you want to compare colour vs black and white copies or vertical vs horizontal crop.

In other editing software, you need to duplicate photos and use multiple copies. So, each copy takes space in your hard drive. 

Thanks to Virtual Copy, you can create and view various versions of a picture without duplicating the files. Consequently, virtual copies do not occupy any extra space in the hard drive.  

Lightroom Classic Virtual Copy

Lightroom classic virtual copy
Lightroom Classic Virtual Copy allows you to have several versions of the same image.

Lightroom Classic Virtual Copy

Another version of the same file, with a different crop.
Another version of the same file, with a different crop.

How to create a Virtual Copy

In Lightroom Classic, right-click on any photo and select “Create Virtual Copy” from the drop-down menu. It is that simple.

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