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Jonathan wrote a very useful tutorial for us. As you know there are times that the camera can not measure the colour temperature. The result can be an awful colour. Adobe Lightroom makes it easy to adjust the colour temperature (aka White Balance).

Jonathan will cover this topic in our upcoming Lightroom workshop on April 10.


Correcting White Balance in Lightroom

One of the most common, but easily correctable mistakes in photography is the wrong White Balance.  Our lighting conditions can change so fast, going from inside a building lighting that is quite orange, to outside with light much closer to white and light blue.  This can have a very drastic affect on photos.

Of course, if we are shooting raw we can correct this.

Here is an image I shot, and had left my camera white balance setting on Tungsten


White Balance is off
White Balance is off

In the Lightroom library, on the right hand side we have a basics edit panel, which includes white balance tools.

Lightroom lay out
Lightroom lay out

Clicking on the two little up and down arrows, we are presented with a drop box of all the most common White Balance settings, as well as an Auto. Just by choosing the appropriate one, our image instantly looks much better in my case it was a cloudy day so I chose that.

Corrected White Balance
Corrected White Balance

Already we can see our image looks much more natural and pleasant to the eye, though I wouldn’t’ mind if my image was a bit warmer in this case.

Using the Arrows just below for the Temperature setting, we can easily warm (the single and double arrow pointing right) or Cool (the single and double arrows pointing left)  our image to own personal choice.  I chose to warm mine up just a slight bit.


There we have it, in just a minute we have an image that looks so much more real and has much more pop to it.


We want to thank Jonathan for this simple and important tip. Do you want to learn more about Lightroom hidden function?

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