Lightroom Editing Techniques workshop

Learn Lightroom Editing Techniques

(PC & Mac)

Lightroom editing techniques bootcamp is next week!

Lightroom editing bootcamp is an info packed, hands-on photo management and image editing digital workflow classes using Adobe Lightroom for professional and enthusiast photographers. Few spots are still available, register now to secure your spot in this popular workshop!

Designed specifically for digital photographers (PC or Mac) who want to gain an understanding of Adobe Lightroom tools so they can spend less time at the computer and more time behind the lens.

For the first level we will cover RAW and Jpeg file management and processing, all in one easy-to-use workflow. You’ll also learn how to export edited images to work on Photoshop should you want to do further complex image retouching. Through demonstrations and hands-on instruction using your own laptop you will learn the key workflow techniques of Adobe Lightroom, from the initial image download steps and processing Raw/Jpeg files, to organizing and image enhancement steps and finishing with saving files to output for print and screen.

Here is a sample of how easy you can create a fabulous image in Lightroom quickly.



Must have basic computer skills, either Mac or PC. Students are required to bring their own laptops already installed with Adobe Lightroom. (Trial version Lightroom is available for download for PC and Mac from the internet. (Check system requirements first).

Course outline:

In first level we will demonstrate the beginning-to-end process for a simple digital workflow for importing, organizing and evaluating Raw and Jpeg images.

During these sessions you will have time to work on your own images with guidance from the instructors.

The Lightroom Editing Techniques workshop covers:

* Steps for a simple digital workflow & comprehensive overview of key features of RAW editing software.

* Downloading RAW and Jpeg files, managing & organizing photos, adding keywords & meta tags easily.

* Using folders, collections, virtual copies, stacks & assigning ratings to manage photos into categories.

* Evaluate images quickly using: full screen mode, the zoom enlargement ‘loupe’ & ‘compare’ view.

* Adjusting white balance & exposure.

Easy to use basic photo enhancement techniques for color & tone adjustments, cropping, straightening, removing digital noise.

Workshop outcomes:

* Importing, processing Raw and Jpeg images.

* Creating a simple digital workflow for organizing photo library.

* Master a few simple techniques to digitally enhance / correct photos.

* Learn the difference between file formats (RAW, Jpeg, Tiff, PS) and how to save files.

* Sharpening images correctly.

Resizing, pixel resolution & color space for both printing (home inkjet printer vs photo lab) and web/email.

What to bring:

All participants must have and bring to the sessions a laptop computer with Adobe Lightroom installed. Omnilargess cannot provide computer support. If you are having any difficulties with your computer or the installation of software, please contact your local computer support before the workshop.

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