Use Free Lightroom Geotagging Skill 

Most of the smartphones have built-in GPS and geotag photos. However, most DSLRs don’t have a built-in GPS unit. Therefore, you need to Geotag the images manually. However, you can use Free Lightroom Geotagging skill to geotag all pictures, old or new, effortlessly. 

Free Lightroom Geotagging

Searching for photos for particular locations can be very time-consuming. For instance, you want to find the images you took at 123 Example Street, Sample City. You may have keyworded “Sample City,” but not the exact street address.      

Lightroom Geotagging comes in handy in such searches. It is a free service incorporate with Google Map, and it is straightforward to use.

Geotag pictures Like a pro!

Lightroom Geotagging
Lightroom Geotagging is similar to old school Map tagging!

The Lightroom Map Module is one of the ignored features, and you need to discover its power.

A few years ago, I wrote an article and explained how to use Geotagging Feature in the Lightroom map. It’s time to revisit the post and take advantage of this fabulous feature.

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To read the post in Geotagging and view the screenshots, click the link below:

Free Lightroom Geotagging 

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