Lightroom Smart Collection

Lightroom Smart Collection as an Assistant Part 4

Lightroom Smart Collection is truly smart 

Previously we looked at Lightroom Folders, Quick Collection, and Collections. In this article I’m  going to discuss Lightroom’s Smart Collection and how it can be very useful for all types of photography assignments.

What is Lightroom Smart Collection?

Lightroom Smart Collection is in fact a collection that we looked at in a previous article, with the added power of setting specific rules for each group. Generally speaking, you make rules for each Smart Collection and Lightroom will search for those rules and gather the pictures which have all or some of the rules into a designated collection. Without duplicating the pictures!

How do I create a Lightroom Smart Collection?

Creating a Smart Collection is very easy. Just go to Collection tab and click on the (+) sign to add a collection. From the drop down menu select “SMART COLLECTION”. In new window, name your collection and create rule or rules that you want to apply and click CREATE.

Lightroom Smart Collection
Lightroom Smart Collection is truly Smart!
Lightroom Smart Collection
Name the Smart Collection, apply some rules and sit back. Lightroom Smart Collection will take care of the rest!

Can you have more than one rule for a Smart Collection?

Absolutely! You can set one or more rules and ask your new assistant (Lightroom) to apply all or part of the rules to your photo Library.

Lightroom Smart Collection
You can create as many rules as you like and Lightroom Smart Collection will apply the rules.

Do these rules apply to existing photos only?

The genius behind Lightroom Smart Collections are that the rules are for existing images as well as photos that you are going to import in the future! How’s that for a time saving feature?

Can you provide a real life example for how to use Lightroom Smart Collections?

As you all know I teach many photography classes. I have created a Smart Collection and created two rules for this Smart Collection: 1) Must have “Workshop” keyword, 2) Must be rated 4 stars or better. Lightroom Smart Collection not only gathers all existing photos, but from now on whenever I import photos to Lightroom Library, if the picture has key word “Workshop” and is rated 4 or 5 stars, Lightroom will add them to this collection. Lightroom Smart Collection makes it really easy for me to find the photos that I want to use for my workshops.

Lightroom Smart Collection
In this example I created 3 rules that one of them is about the Date Range!

Can you change or modify the rules?

Absolutely! This is another hidden Lightroom gem: just right click on the Smart Collection and select “EDIT SMART COLLECTION…”.

Lightroom Smart Collection
You can modify the rules

I hope you enjoy using Lightroom Smart Collections as much as I do. Stay tuned for more exciting articles. Meanwhile check our Upcoming Classes and let me know if there is workshop you’d like us to add to our lineup.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team


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