Lightroom Tutorial in Keyword Search

Lightroom Tutorial in Keyword Search

For this post Jonathan Snyder, our Lightroom guru, is going to teach us how to search for particular photos through Lightroom Keyword Search engine.

Organizing and managing photos is one thing, searching through and finding one photo out of possibly thousands is another. This is why using proper file management techniques is imperative in today’s modern digital word where we shoot and keep so many photos.

Library management is one of Lightrooms key strengths, and something that can save you time if used properly. I currently have a modest Lightroom catalog of 1628 photos, but even going through that can be time consuming to find a photo. So I take advantage of the Lightrooms keywords and it’s ability to quickly show only photos with certain keywords.

First things first, you need to be in your Library panel of Lightroom, on the left panel under catalog make sure you have All Photographs selected. Above your grid of photos you should have a bar that says “Library Filter:”




To search our keywords, go ahead and click on the name that says Metadata. Metadata is information associated with our image, such as your camera settings when you took the photo, what time it was taken at, did your flash fire, or what keywords you’ve associated with the photo. Once you’ve clicked on Metadata you’ll be presented with this dropdown




Click on the one on the far right that says Label, and change it to keyword which is near the top.



You’ll now be presented with a list of all the keywords you’ve created within Lightroom.




Clicking on any keyword will give you a list of all your photos attached to that keyword, simple and easy.

Omnilargess Workshop Team


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