Adobe Lightroom workshop Fraser Valley

Adobe Lightroom Workshop Part 1 

Learn Lightroom Editing Techniques (PC & Mac)

We are pleased to announce a new workshop in Raw image editing workflow for Adobe Lightroom! This is an info packed, hands-on photo management and image editing digital workflow classes using Adobe Lightroom for professional and enthusiast photographers.

You’ve taken the photos and want an all-in-one user friendly editing program for managing and enhancing large number of images?

Unsure of a simple post-production digital imaging workflow process?

Need to organize your photo library efficiently so you can spend more time behind the camera?

Want to learn quick image-editing techniques to improve your RAW and Jpeg images without affecting the original photos?

Unsure of when and how much to sharpen your image?

Need to understand the important issue of pixel resolution for website, email and print?

Digital photography is more than just capturing images in the camera; it is also about editing, enhancing and show casing them on websites such as Flickr, slideshows, iPad /iPhone, Tablets, or in print such as photo books or framed fine art prints. While Adobe Photoshop has long been the main choice and only real option for editing digital photographs, many photographers (professional and enthusiasts) are now using faster and more streamlined RAW editing software such as Lightroom or Aperture. Here is an example for you, no matter how accurate your camera’s light meter is, there are times that your camera can not capture the right exposure:


In Lightroom not only you restore the Exposure, you can also modify the saturation as well


Designed specifically for digital photographers, these programs offer powerful non-destructive editing features to import, sort, organize and enhance Raw and Jpeg images easily. The benefit of non-destructive means that your original photos are protected even with Jpeg files, keeping your original images intact!

This introduction workshop is for photographers (PC or Mac) who want to gain an understanding of Lightroom tools so they can spend less time at the computer and more time behind the lens.

Do you want to learn more about Adobe Lightroom?

Register for our upcoming Lightroom class on April 10. Space is limited so book your ticket now.

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