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Master iPhoto

Do you use a Mac or do you know someone in your network who uses a Mac?

Do you want to know how to use iPhoto for more than just basic editing?

We have good news for you! We are going to have a special workshop for Mac users, that will cover all the hidden features in iPhoto. Are you excited yet?

In the Master iPhoto Workshop, you will discover the power of Key words, Faces, Places, Albums, Smart Albums, and much more.

Did you know that you can Geotag your photos in iPhoto?

Geotag your photos in iPhoto is simple
Geotag your photos in iPhoto is simple

iPhoto is a Nondestructive software, which is one of its biggest advantages. It means that you can do as much editing as you want, without destroying the original photos. On the other hand, iPhoto does not duplicate your images. So you can create as many Albums or projects you want, without cluttering up your hard drive.

Did you know the Information tab in iPhoto provides all the data that you may need about your photos?


iPhoto information tab
iPhoto information tab

Master iPhoto is developed for Mac users who want to catalogue, edit, and display their pictures and videos very quickly and efficiently. It covers everything from importing your photos and videos, all the way to creating professional-looking slide shows.


You don’t need a laptop for this class, as we provide hand outs with all the topics for you to review, and you can make your own notes. Class size is limited to 12 people, so add your name to the Master iPhoto waiting list so that you can be the first to be contacted as soon as registration is open.

(Please note that this is just a waiting list and as we get enough people for this class we will contact you with link to purchase the tickets.)

Ted and Omnilargess Team

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