Mirrorless Camera Free Seminar

A Free Seminar on Mirrorless Camera 

Are you in the market to upgrade your camera?
Have you been wondered what is the benefit of going Mirrorless Camera?
Do you know how 4K shooting can change your photography and video experience?
Or have you ever grown tired of carrying your big DSLR around?
Maybe your camera is in the closet collecting dust because its too heavy?  Come and hear from Duane Bradley, Panasonic Brand Ambassador, as to what some of the advantages of a Mirrorless camera are.
If these are the questions that you have, we have good news for you. On December 4 at 6:00pm Duane will be at our office to show you the latest and greatest technology of Micro 4/3s and mirrorless camera. Space is limited to 22 person. Please use the link below to register and secure your spot.

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