New payment gateway 

We added new payment gateway to our office location and website!

Hello folks,

You may be wondering what is going on behind the scenes at Omnilargess Services and possible have noticed it has been very quiet on our website for the last few weeks. I have good news to share with everyone!


As our business grows we adopt more services to help serve our clients better and faster. Although some of the services are a bit more expensive than others, our customers are our number one priority. For the past few years I was using Paypal, Payfirma, and Square as our company’s payment gateways. They are all good gateways but I wanted to provide a better experience for our clients, whether they buy tickets for workshops and private lessons or are renting pro gear. So it’s with pleasure I am able to announce we’ve teamed up with Moneris gateway and effective November 4 all the transactions will be processed by Moneris, one of the safest and fastest gateways in Canada. You can still use Paypal as an option for payment on line, or simply use your credit card on line using our secure gateway. Adopting Moneris as a gateway solution enables us to offer the best in security and technology for credit card and debit card transactions. And yes we now accept debit cards in our office.


It took almost three weeks of hard work to integrate everything smoothly. For on-line website users we have tested every single step of the transition process to be sure our clients won’t experience any interruptions. Customer care is our number one commitment and why we are dedicated to providing the most user friendly experience to our clients.

We transferred everything, so if you have purchased a ticket or signed up for private lessons, the information has been transferred and I checked them all!

We welcome you to drop by our office and see our shiny new Moneris machine, or visit our website and experience the new Moneris Gateway!

images Moneris

As always I want to thank you for your enthusiastic support, which allows us to be all that we are now! I will do my best to get back to Photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom posts next week.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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