New web hosting for faster service!

New web hosting for faster access to our website

Hello everyone,

Just to let you know this is not a review or a tutorial but is a word of caution and a whole lot of appreciation to Dan and Nikki Klassen for their outstanding service.

I’ve recently noticed our website gets very slow sometimes and I’ve also received feedback about some of the pages not loading. So I contacted my web host company (HostPapa) to solve the problem. HostPapa Customer service and support is a JOKE! I am serious. They won’t help existing clients and just try to get rid of you as soon as possible to answer another call or chat to make a sale. I spent hours in the chatroom and on the phone with no solution to my concerns.  Finally I became fed up with their awful attitude and decided to change the host. I contacted Dan and Nikki from Triple I Web Solution and talked to Dan. He came to my office and presented a plan that not only meets my requirements but is geared for any future improvement. I’ve mentioned before that Triple I Web Solution has excellent customer service, with very knowledgeable and friendly staff. They go the extra mile to provide the best solution and experience for you, the customer.

I have recommended them before to many friends and students and with their new services I will keep recommending them to anyone who is looking for web designers.

Our website is up and running full speed. A big thank you to Dan and Nikki for professional and fast service!  From my own experience I strongly recommend you stay away from HostPapa and if you are with them now try to find a relabel web host company. HostPapa won’t help you when their server has an issue – they will just try to sell you more services.

Now that I got that off my chest I can go back to writing something useful!


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