Night Photography Class

Creative Techniques for Night Photography 

Shutter speed controls the duration of light. When there is too much light, photographers have to use a faster Shutter speed (shorter duration) to capture the correct exposure. On the other hand, when there is not enough light (such as Night Photography), they use long exposure. Generally speaking, when the exposure is longer than one second, it is considered to be a long exposure.

Long Exposure Techniques not only can be use in night photography, they can also be used during the day time to create certain effects.

This photo is a good example of long exposure technique during day light:

Long Exposure and Day Light

Long Exposure technique
Long Exposure technique

In the above photo, One of our previous students (Nicole) used slow shutter speed. Therefore, the long exposure made all of the moving elements blurry, or even disappear from the scene.

Below is another example of using Long Exposure in Daylight:

Long Exposure and Day Light

Outdoor photography
Using Long Exposure in day time outdoor photography creates special effect

However, using the long exposure during the day time needs special techniques and photographers should be very careful to not overexpose the images.

Using Night Photography Techniques during day time!  

Our Night Photography class is scheduled for March 22nd. This workshop is particularly developed for learning Long Exposure Techniques. The most important technique is how to set correct exposure manually. When photographers master this skill, they can use it at nighttime or daytime likewise.

What if it is too bright?

During the day time the  light might be too bright. Therefore, the ND Filters come handy. In Night Photography class, I am going to discuss the uses of ND filters and how to compensate for them.

Night Photography Class is a three hour workshop for intermediate to advanced user. It is scheduled for March 22nd at 6pm. This is an outdoor workshop with lots of hands on examples.

Night Photography Class

Manual shooting in Night Photography Class
Manual shooting in Night Photography Class

Omnilargess Night Photography Class

Starting March 22nd, 2019

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

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Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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