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Nikon CLS TTL Flash Photography class

Good news Nikon Shooters!

We have just developed another dynamic flash photography class. This time, it is for Nikon CLS TTL Flash users (there will be another one for Canon Shooters shortly)!

This a full, three hour, flash photography workshop that will teach you how to set your Nikon or Nikon Compatible TTL flashes to use them off-camera. You will learn tons tips and tricks that apply to this system, as well as some that apply in all off-camera set-ups. Your instructor will guide you through set up, adjusting the power, and trouble shooting the system.

Off Camera Flash Photography
Off Camera Flash Photography


Now what on earth is Nikon CLS?

CLS stands for Creative Light System. It is an advanced technology that Nikon adopted several years ago. Simply put, CLS allows you to control your Nikon, or Nikon compatible, flashes off-camera. This means that, not only can you trigger your flashes off-camera, you can also set them as Full TTL to work in tandem with the camera settings and metering.

What is the benefit of full TTL?

TTL stands for Through The Lens. Which enable your camera to control the output of your flashes, so you always get the right exposure. With full TTL you can use High Speed Synch, Hyper Speed Synch, and Slow Synch Rear. You can even control the flash Exposure Compensation right from your camera! That is a cool feature.

Off camera Flash with Softbox
Off camera Flash with Softbox


Do you want to learn more? 

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Omnilargess Workshop Team


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