Outdoor Flash Photography Techniques

Outdoor Flash Photography Techniques

“Why should I use my flash in outdoor portrait pictures?”

This a very common question that I have been asked almost all the time! On August 23 I am going to have an Outdoor Flash Photography workshop. You will learn how to use your flash to control the ambient light to create  better outdoor portrait photos.

In this first photo I didn’t use the flash

Outdoor photo with no flash
Outdoor photo with no flash

As you can see the colour is a little faded, due to slower shutter speed my subject id blurry, and overall it is not a good image although the composition is good.

In this second photo I used outdoor flash photography technique. I balanced the flash output to match ambient light, as well as to light up my subject properly.

Outdoor portrait with flash as fill light
Outdoor portrait with flash as fill light

As you noticed the colour is so vibrant, subject is lighted up properly, shutter speed was fast enough to freeze the movement, and overall better exposure.

In Outdoor Flash Photography techniques you will learn how to use your flash as fill light, or even as your main light and use the ambient light as your fill light. One of the main keys in outdoor flash photography technique is to meter the ambient light properly.

Here are some tips about Outdoor Flash Photography:

1-You get the best result by setting your camera to Centre Weighted or Spot metering.

2-If you use a TTL flash you don’t need to be worry about the White Balance.

3-If you use a Non TTL flash set the White Balance to either Day Light or Flash for better result.

4-Although it sounds complicated, in Outdoor flash photography using Manual setting is easier than other settings. I will cover this topic in Outdoor photography workshop and you will have plenty of time to master this technique.

This is a full hands on workshop with no classroom setting and designed for intermediate to advanced photographers.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this workshop.

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Ted and Omnilargess Team



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