Outdoor Photography workshop testimonies

Outdoor photography Workshop Testimonies

Here are some testimonies from our last year Outdoor Photography Workshop. I want to thank all the students for their hard work and really appreciate their feedback.

I recommend the Outdoor Photography Workshop to all photographers as you learn not only about the camera settings, but also how to find and apply composition rules in to your images. The new Outdoor Photography Workshop is scheduled for July 20, 2013. Book your ticket now.

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 Karin wrote: [testimonial_wrap]

Good Morning Ted
Thanks so much for the workshop yesterday!  It was probably one that I have learnt the most at in one session.  I appreciated the ‘hands on’…teaching, giving an assignment and then available to give input as needed.  I had some ‘aha’ moments where I learnt more about my camera and finally understood some of my exposure issues.  I loved understanding more about exposure and lighting and the various tips given to make adjustments on my camera to capture the best shot available.
Thanks again!

And here is some of her shots img_1851 img_1892 img_1823 Wayne wrote: [testimonial_wrap]

Ted, I had a good time at your workshop, very informative. I look forward to doing this again,

Wayne And some images dsc_3467 dsc_3479 Bruce sent me a very kind email: [testimonial_wrap]

 Hi Ted.
 Yet another great course! All the information that you provide is very helpful. I found that in some ways I am already using some of what you were explaining to us but any advice is good advice and most welcomed. I find that I must play more with the camera to find better ways to take shots. I am not good with people in a shot due to movement by them. More experience will help. I think for myself that I may want to take the basic course  again so that I can become more familiar with the different setting in the camera, such as vivid and landscape and so forth. Let me know if one is coming up please.
  The picture that you enhanced came out very good considering what you had to work with. I would like to learn how to shoot in the RAW format but my editing skills are real bad because I have not figured out how to work with Photo Shop and the photo program that came with the camera
( PEF ) is hard to work with. I am afraid I will lose the picture I am working with or not be able to change it back. My fears however Ted.
  I sent a few more than 3 pictures from the course but sent them small so as not overload your inbox. Please if you with use any you find ok in your blog.
  Again thanks Ted for a great day and hope many more can come. Bruce Warren.

And the photos camera-course-3-027 camera-course-3-056 camera-course-3-069 camera-course-3-082 camera-course-3-066


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