Outdoor Portrait Photography Workshop Fraser Valley

Saturday April 13, 2013 – Saturday April 13, 2013

2582 Mt Lehman Road #1

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Outdoor Portrait Photography Workshop

A half day of portrait photography fun:

On Saturday April 13 come and join us for a new experience in outdoor portrait photography.

Ted is running this special event to help you see and understand the importance of light at different times of the day, different locations, and how to find and use out door elements to enhance your portrait photography.

We will meet at our office at 11.oo AM to have our one hour classroom session and will go out to take pictures at 12:00 PM. We will be back to by around 3:00 PM for conclusion of the day.

It is a full Half day photography of lessons in Exposure and Composition. Ted will show you how to set your camera for different light conditions and how to use the rules of composition. He also will show you how to spot a place for your portrait images, how to use Light disk, how to use the Flash for fill light, and much more.. So come and discover them!

We will have our tour rain or shine!! You are going to work with some models and learn how to interact with your subjects.



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