Photo Tip Friday

Photo Tip Friday November 1

High Speed Flash Synch


What is High Speed Flash Synch?

All cameras have a Synch speed, which means that you can capture an image using a flash up to certain shutter speed and you cannot pass that speed, usually around 1/125s to 1/250s. Using a TTL flash allows you to pass the set synch speed of your camera and shoot the photo at any shutter speed, even as fast as 1/8000s!


What is the limitation of High Speed Synch?

Using High Speed Synch (HSS), your flash starts to fire several rapid bursts of light to light the scene evenly as the shutter opens. It means that you are limited to a shorter distance. For example you can use High Speed synch for up to 1.5 meter (5 feet), (at ISO 800). You can increase the ISO for farther distance.




High Speed Synch flash photography needs lots of patience and practice. There will be hit and misses while learning the technique, but once you nail it down then the fun really starts. Here are some quick tips to get you started:

1-Use Manual focus and pre focus first

2-Try to use the highest f-stop to increase your Depth Of Field.

3-Using Tripod is a must.

4-A shutter release cable or wireless trigger makes HSS more fun.

5-Set the camera to Continuos drive mode for at least 3 frame per second.

6-Always use fresh batteries for your flash when shooting HSS, as it drains the battery quite fast.

That is all for this Friday. See you all again next Friday in our Photo Friday Tip!

Ted and Omnilargess team

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