Photography Equipment Rentals Fraser Valley

Photography Equipment Rentals Fraser Valley

Pro Lenses and Lighting system

Tilt Shift Lenses are awesome

As you know we opened our photography equipment rentals in January of this year. It has been very successful and I am planning to add more equipment to the stock. Renting photography gear is a good idea because you can experiment with all the different possibilities for your niche in photography without paying an arm and a leg to purchase the gear!

One example you may have heard about are TILT/SHIFT lenses and the effects they can create. You may have read some articles and said: “Oh my goodness! Tilt/Shit lenses are so cool but very difficult to work with and EXPENSIVE!” Yes, I agree Tilt/Shift lenses are expensive (to purchase) and require lots of practice to nail the shot. But once you do perfect the shot, it is AWESOME!

There is much information on the internet about how to use a Tilt/Shift lens, and I have read many articles before using one for myself. But the more I read, the more confused I got. I am a hands-on person and learn things faster but working with them. Many of these articles are out dated and don’t mention the advantages of “Live View” in the new generation of DSLR cameras. Now whenever I want to use a Tilt/Shift lens, I just turn on the “Live View” and visualize how to adjust the lens and focus. It is that simple.

For now we have a Nikon 24mm PC (Tilt/Shift) lens available for rental bookings. We invite you to give us a call, rent the lens and have fun!

Did you know that your rental fee for weekends is the same rate as a one day rental?

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to change one of those gloomy, rainy, cold weekends to a weekend full of fun for everyone by renting studio lighting equipment, lens, or stands and backdrops, and taking some fabulous images.

 Now let’s look at some Tilt/Shift Effect

Here are some shots that I took on one of those cold rainy days, using a tilt/shift lens inside!

All images are shot at 24mm, f3.5. The focusing point is on letter “U”.

This is the shot from a 24mm with no tilt/shift adjustment. You notice that the depth of field is very shallow

24mm lens with no Tilt/Shift
24mm lens with no Tilt/Shift

In this image I tilt the lens and reduced the depth of field even more by using tilting.

Tilt lens to create very shallow depth of field
Tilt lens to create very shallow depth of field

And with this one I increase the depth of field to the keyboard again by tilting only.

Tilt lens for perspective correction and adding more depth of field
Tilt lens for perspective correction and adding more depth of field

As you can see, even the perspective of my images changed. Here are some more examples of the possibilities with this great photography tool.

TED_1535 TED_1533 TED_1532

Photography equipment rentals have never been this easy for those of us living in the Lower Mainland. Check our LIST OF EQUIPMENT and contact us to book the date with the equipment of your dreams.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team


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