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The Best Gift for a Photography Buff

The perfect accessory to add to any camera lover’s stocking…

Gift certificates can be purchased for particular Photography or Image Editing classes and workshops, or can be used as a credit towards any class or rental fee.

A Gift Certificate for a camera workshop or editing class or a credit for rental fee of photography equipment is a gift every photography buff will appreciate. 

It is always hard to think of things we want when family and friends ask us on the spot, and generally our minds drift towards tangible goods, but why not give the gift of knowledge? Even the most challenging person on your list can benefit from a class or two of some sort. Stock up on some brain candy by purchasing a Gift Certificate from Omnilargess Services.  We’ll be introducing some exciting new classes in 2014 that you will not want to miss. We plan on doubling the classes so that we can serve you better. We’re also excited to be launching the opening of our photography equipment rentals in January as well.

Omnilargess Gift Certificate
Omnilargess Gift Certificate

Make your shopping easier with the purchase of gift certificates and be sure to join us for 2014 workshops! We have a wonderful Summer Digital Camera Bootcamp coming up. register now to book your spot.

Omnilargess Workshop Team


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