Photography Workshops Fraser Valley

Photography Workshops Fraser Valley

Here is the list of our Photography workshops and Image Editing classes in Fraser Valley for May 2013 and For those of you who prefer to learn Photography or image editing one-on-one or in a smaller group setting, our Private Photography Workshops or Image Editing classes might be just what you need. These workshops allow us to target the lesson right at the areas that you or your group need to focus on, rather than spending class time on areas that don’t apply to you. Please Contact us for more details.

Calendar of Events May 2013


Thursday May 9   Night Photography (City Lights Photography)

  • Use the light and dark to create more  interesting night scene photos.

Monday May 13    Kids Portrait 1

  • For the parent who wants to take better photos of their kids, the professional who wants to expand their services to include portraits of children.

Wednesday May 15   Nikon CLS Flash Photography

  • This course covers wireless off camera Nikon flash techniques.

Wednesday May 22 Lightroom 102

  • Learning more tools to retouch, enhance, sharpen, batch edit & resize images.

Thursday May 23  Point and Shoot Night

  • Gain more control over your compact camera using hidden settings & modes for improved photographs.

Saturday May 25  Mom’s 101

  • Learn the basics of a digital DSLR camera’s terminology, menu’s & functions.

Sunday May 26 Indoor Flash Photography

  • Learn special techniques and understand the fundamentals of flash for indoor use.

Monday May 27 Kids Portrait Part 2

  • Continuation from part 1. Using applications learnt from part 1 by working with models whom you will pose & photograph.

Wednesday May 29 Lightroom 103

  • Mastering more image manipulations such as contrast, saturation, lens corrections, vignetting, B&W color toning & creating web galleries.

Omnilargess Workshop Team

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