Photoshop for beginners

Introducing Photoshop class for Beginners!

We have heard your questions about editing, and your requests for classes. Now we have a solution! Our newest selection of workshops cover all your editing needs in separate, easy-to-digest sessions on individual topics.

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[h2]Level in Photoshop[/h2]
See how level can save you time!

Never used an editing program before and need somewhere to start? Try our Intro to Layers (I.C.E.) workshop. Understanding how layers work will unlock a multitude of possibilities with any type of image.

Class sizes are kept small for these popular courses.

Know the basics, but want something geared more towards the type of images you shoot? Try our Power Portraits (F.I.R.E.) or Fired Up Landscapes (F.I.R.E.) workshops. These will add on to your knowledge of image editing, give you all the tools you need to excel in your particular image type, as well as provide a few tips to give you that extra edge.

Just want to be able to make any image look great? Have a go at our All About Layers track. You can pick and choose the individual workshops that interest you, or you can save a little and do all 4 in a complete package.

Not interested in the image editing aspect, but want to create some spectacular album layouts, scrapbook type pages, or greeting cards? Our Custom Page Creation class is for you.

With all of these workshops now available, you can choose to learn at a pace that you are comfortable with, in a face-to-face setting so that we can ensure all your questions are answered. If there is something you are looking to learn with regards to editing, but you don’t see it here, please send us an email and we will do our best to provide a solution for you. Happy editing!


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