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Omnilargess students’ pictures from Portrait Photography Workshops

I just added students’ pictures from our Portrait Photography Workshops on April 22nd and 29th. These photos are selected to demonstrate how applying few simple rules can create amazing photos. There is no editing other than converting the files from Raw to jpeg by applying the basic raw conversion adjustments.

I would like to thank our picturesque models, Holly Stone and Andrea Richardson for being patient and smiling despite the rain and cold wind!

I also want to use this opportunity to recognize all the students who participated in this workshop and congratulate them on the fine job they did. And this is my message to all of you; Never stop learning and keep practicing”.

There will be more Portrait Photography Workshops

If you missed these portrait Photography workshops, don’t worry. I am going to schedule new series of Portrait Photography Workshops shortly. Stay tuned for new intermediate to advanced classes. Check our Upcoming Workshops for more fun and interactive photography classes and don’t forget to subscribe to our free newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive FREE photography tips and tutorials.

That is all for now. Enjoy the Portrait Gallery.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team 

Portrait Photography Workshops Students' Gallery

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